Heavy Transport Online Training Course

We understand that a large challenge in our industry is the lack of training and staff development in the heavy lift sector, especially with new and young staff members. Despite the undeniable value of specialised training courses and workshops, the associated costs, travel requirements, and time away from the office often pose significant hurdles.

In response, PCN takes pride in its commitment to addressing this challenge and has made substantial investments in professional training led by an industry expert and a customised eLearning Platform.

The clear and highly effective 7 module online course consists of 71 x 10-minute sessions, which cover industry terminology, dimensions, weights and forces, heavy transport, heavy lifting, jacking, skidding and loadouts.

Heavy Transport Online Training Course
Heavy Transport Online Training Course

New for 2024!

We thrive on innovation, but what truly drives us is the opportunity to provide our customers with valuable benefits that can significantly enhance their business. Looking ahead to 2024, we are delighted to announce the addition of a 5-video Advanced Module on Stability to our training package.

To the best of our knowledge, there has been no precedent for explaining the transport, lifting, and maritime stability concepts as an integrated whole – so again we are pioneers!

Besides the benefits of not having to travel, there are additional advantages to eLearning including the flexibility to pause the training at your convenience and resume when it suits your schedule. Taking this flexibility to the next level, we've divided the training into 10-minute sessions. These sessions strike a balance—long enough to effectively convey crucial points and yet short enough to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine without causing disruptions.

Upon completion, an e-Certificate is sent via email which can be downloaded, shared and printed immediately so that the user can verify their training to clients and officials quickly and easily.

PCN President & C.E.O., Rachel Crawford says “Our training is not only cost-effective but also accessible to anyone with internet. This accessibility has led to the widespread adoption of our training by companies in more than 50 countries."

Heavy Transport Online Training Course
Heavy Transport Online Training Course

The online course, which was a proud Finalist in HLPFI’s “Training of the Year ” award is ideal for staff who are at the beginning of their career in heavy transport, offering employers a time saving and low cost alternative to workshops and seminars. However, as the training is comprehensive, senior level professionals will also benefit from the practical, scenario and video based course as it will encourage reflection on current practices.

The entire program is available to Project Cargo Network Members at a cost of just £250 per user. To proceed with enrolment, please click here or reach out to wendy@projectcargonetwork.com.

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